The link to the My School 1442 H‍ platform, affiliated with the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to the electronic educational platform for distance education,, which has started continuous searches since Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh announced the announcement through a video posted to him on Twitter, in which he explained the study mechanism in the year The new 1442 AH, which is made from a distance in order to preserve the health of our sons and daughters, male and female students, from the epidemic that spread at the beginning of this year, the Coronavirus. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ibtisam Al-Shehri, explained that the ministry is facing great challenges this exceptional year, as she noted that any malfunction that occurs in the Madrasati platform or in the Microsoft Teams application is an opportunity to address the matter and provide other alternatives as the ministry seeks to provide the best services to students And students of different educational levels.

Distance education stage assessment

The Saudi Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, revealed during his meeting yesterday about the evaluation phase and referred it to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, which is scheduled for 5 weeks from now, and Hamad Al Sheikh explained that the ministry is striving to make the distance education experience a success and make it a catalyst for change and development in light of what it is going through. The Kingdom has been affected by the emerging corona virus pandemic, as he explained about the services of the Madrasati platform, which serves more than 6 million students.

My School 1442 e platform link for distance education

The My School platform provides all what students need from textbooks at all educational levels, so all that the student has to do is go to, choose the academic stage, then choose the textbooks and then download them. The electronic educational platform also provides many detailed educational explanations through videos. An educational platform that helps male and female students in the educational process for the new academic year 1442 AH.

#The minister of education Announce the mechanism for returning to study after coordination with the concerned authorities; To study remotely in general education for the first seven weeks, and remotely for theoretical courses in universities and technical education, and in preparation for practical courses.#My school platform
Ministry of Education – General (@moe_gov_sa) August 15, 2020

Reasons for stopping my school platform

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of the Madrasati platform from next Wednesday and Thursday corresponding to the 24 and 25 of this September, due to its compatibility with the Saudi National Day No. 90, and explained that the Madrasati platform will absolutely stop broadcasting these days on To resume work again, starting next week.

My school platform

Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, Minister of Education confirmed that the educational process in the new academic year 1442 AH will take place through the My School platform in addition to the Ain educational channels on the satellites of Arabsat and Nilesat, and he also noted that the education mechanism in the new academic year will be for a period of 7 weeks remotely until that Any other solutions appear according to the developments that may have taken place during the past days.

An alternative to my school platform

Immediately after announcing the failure of the Madrasati platform, which lasted for quite some time, Mr. Ibtisam Al-Shehri, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, commented that education is going through an exceptional stage and we face great challenges during this period, so we must have patience at this stage until God relieves the sorrow and ends the virus epidemic Corona, and about alternatives to the Madrasati platform, you mentioned that we study the mechanisms of each stage and are ready for any variable that may occur.

Study procedures in my presence

In the interest of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom in good dealings with male and female students and alleviating suffering and facilitation, the educational administration in Al-Jawf region announces that a financial reward will be disbursed to male and female students, and in a separate context, Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, the Saudi Minister of Education announced the stages of evaluating the new educational experience and submitting it to the Royal Presidency To cancel the decision of distance education and return to study in my presence, the Ministry will take all measures that will ensure the safety and health of everyone. The Minister of Education in the Kingdom also announced that teaching English for the first grade of primary school should start from next year, as the ministry is keen to present a distinguished generation in the future, through the dialogue that he conducted on one of the Saudi satellite channels.

How to register on my school platform

  • Log in to the website of the My School platform.
  • Click on Sign In.
  • Register the user name and password.
  • Visual code verification.
  • And enter pressure.

Dates for the start of the study for the new year 1442 AH

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that the start date for the new year, which is conducted remotely for the intermediate level and the high school stage, will be on the eleventh of Muharram 1442 AH, provided that the study takes place remotely for a period of seven consecutive weeks and there is no mechanism for studying the completion of the new school year in this way It is changed according to the results of the first seven weeks. The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allocated some educational satellite channels to explain the curricula, noting that each stage of study has a special channel to explain and follow up all the lessons of that stage, and these seminars are also transmitted via YouTube channels, so that students can review the lessons again, as it is possible. Male and female students prepare for the new academic stage 1442 by reading the courses on the My School platform.

Solve assignments via the Madrasati platform

The Saudi Ministry of Education announced the steps for solving homework by logging into the Madrasati platform, testing the maicosoft teams account, then choosing the grade and exam you want to solve, after which the homework questions will appear and each question is assigned grades. The student will enter the tests and do a solution Assignments then upload those answers to the platform.

Update mobile number data through the Noor system

The Saudi Ministry of Education announced that the beneficiaries should quickly go and enter the Noor Education System website and update the mobile phone number registered with the Ministry of Communications. A spokesman for the Ministry of Education stated on the social networking site Twitter, “We hope that students, students, parents and educational supervisors update the mobile number data.”

The evaluation mechanism through the Madrasati platform

The Saudi Ministry of Education announced a mechanism for evaluating students through the Madrasati platform, which takes place through teachers setting up tests and uploading them to the My School platform periodically to determine the level of students, as these tests measure activities and tasks and students’ effective participation with colleagues and teachers, as the platform contains all the basic needs For the student from various educational books and videos, His Excellency the Saudi Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, explained through an interview he conducted on the Saudi News Channel that the educational platform, My School, contains all the tools that help teachers to succeed in the educational process.

Morning program for male and female students

The morning program begins first by entering the Madrasati platform, then performing the national anthem and doing virtual exercises, then reviewing the study schedules, then entering the classroom with the teacher. The platform also allows discussion sessions, interaction and dialogue between students, students and teachers by identifying the appropriate dates for that to complete the communication process . The Saudi Ministry of Education announced the start of distributing entry accounts through the Madrasati platform, and to ensure that the accounts reach teachers, teachers, students, female students, supervisors and supervisors, the accounts will be distributed automatically, while the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education, Ibtisam Al-Shehri, confirmed that 512 education employees will return to work starting next week, after A phone call to one of the satellite channels.

The mechanism for obtaining user data through the school leader

The Saudi Ministry of Education explained on its website on the social networking page Twitter about the mechanism for obtaining user data through the school leader by following the following steps:

  • The leader can enter my school platform.
  • Log in to the Student Administration.
  • Student data management.
  • Click on the pen icon.
  • Click on the default password.
  • Registration, username and password.

How to register the names of the children through the platform of my school

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom has provided a mechanism for registering the names of children through the Madrasati platform by following several very simple steps, but you must first register in the Tawakolna application, then register the national ID number, then record the password and e-mail after a text message is sent via the previously registered mobile phone, to obtain On the pin number.

Obtain the activation code, password and entry time

The Ministry also recently clarified the mechanism for obtaining the activation code, login data and password, through the steps by entering the activation link, and the Ministry also indicated on its page on the Twitter social networking site that as a result of updating students ’schedules, it may not be possible to enter the first time, so it is necessary to try more. From once.

Steps for students to attend virtual classes on the My School platform

  • Log in to the Madrasati platform with a Microsoft 360 account.
  • After entering the classes, you will see the links for classes.
  • Click on the classes link as in the previous image.
  • The link opens through Microsoft.
  • Click on the Join Now icon, to be able to attend virtual classes.

Protect your account on the Madrasati platform

You can, dear student, through the following link, protect your account from hacking, as recently a complaint from male and female students has spread that their accounts have been breached through the Madrasati platform, as some of the diseases of sick souls exploit the lack of knowledge of some of the registration or activation mechanism of the new system that seeks to The Saudi Ministry of Education provided in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and breaches students’ accounts.

  • In the event that you move to the next classes, you must repeat the previous steps again.

Imaginary numbers on the platform of my school

The user numbers of the Madrasati platform, the Madrasati platform, and the Ain educational channels witness the success story of the new educational system in the Kingdom, as stated by Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, the Saudi Minister of Education, who explained that more than 4 million students interact with the education system through the Madrasati platform. He also explained that the Kingdom is witnessing an exceptional year in Under the coronavirus pandemic, the Education Authority is making its utmost effort to complete the new academic year 1442 AH in its new form.

Ain channels statistics during the last period

My School Digital Competition

Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, Minister of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of the My School Digital Competition for male and female students, education personnel and parents, which aims to enhance the effective role of e-learning. He also explained that the competition field is divided into three axes (the field of education, the field of information and education, the field of training. ), While the arbitration committee is chaired by the Deputy Minister.

Class schedule

The Ministry of Education announced the schedule of classes through Ain educational channels at a frequency of 12347 on the Arabsat satellite for the secondary stage, general and optional, and Quran memorization, in a live broadcast on Ain channels as it is repeated on YouTube channels, and it also announced the schedule of the fifth level secondary stage.

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